6 must have pieces of jewellery to rock any outfit

Marilyn Monroe has been quite audacious to put it, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” A stone that lasts for eternity, a timeless piece of jewellery to invest in…nothing can ever beat the elegance and the classiness of diamonds.

It’s also an open secret that no girl ever said, “I have enough jewellery and don’t need more in my jewellery box.” Long necklaces for your neck, statement rings for your fingers, charm bracelets for your wrists, and drop earrings for your diva look…name the accessory and you will find it stacked in some corner of your jewellery box. Such is our passionate love for jewellery collection, love that even time and distance cannot fade.

However, though your jewellery box threatens to spill the contents out and buzzing the alarm due to lack of room to accommodate new pieces, there are some essentials that need to be rightly included in your treasure box. You may be having all the trendy pieces out there, but without the following MUST HAVE jewellery pieces, your jewellery box seems to be out of life, suffocating for fresh vigour and shine.

A slender Long chain Necklace

Pair it with a white shirt, a rugged denim jeans, a pencil skirt, or a low neck blouse, a slender Long chain Necklace adds simple grace and charm to your look. With the yellow, rose, white or fusion metals to choose from, investing in a gold chain is surely a beneficial decision. If you want to add a little off-the-normal-look feeling, slip a charming pendant into your gold chain. Trust us, your neck cannot feel more sophisticated.

Subtle yet classic diamond studs

Want to keep it understated yet elegant? Ladies, yes! It’s high time you add diamond studs to your jewellery box. Any event you choose to attend ranging from a night out, a cocktail party, a romantic dinner, or a destination wedding, the eternity and elegance of diamonds will never fail to set you apart from the crowd. Choose from varying shapes (round, pyramidal, square, heart, or geometrical) and sizes and let your designer sari, or printed lehenga, or maybe your flowing gown make a stunning impression.

Statement cocktail rings

Some of us have been incredibly fortunate to have inherited that antique, beguiling jewellery from our grandmothers. However if you stand with the majority who have not been so privileged, there is hardly anything that you have lost on. With so many jewels and metals to choose from, help yourself with a statement cocktail ring that is ideal for all occasions. Pearls, diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, moonstone…you name the gem! Let your fingers do all the talking by wrapping themselves in the modishness of these stones.

Captivating pearls

The most breathtaking piece of sea jewels, pearls continue to top the charts when it comes to understated yet captivating jewellery. Adorn yourself with a singular pearl necklace, or layer with multiple chains, the polished look can never go out of style. Ornament your ears with oversized pearls, and there you make a bold impression. Pair your pearls with any outfit, and get set to make heads turn and eyes roll. Such is the powerful pull of pearls; it can never go unnoticed and out of fashion.

Diamond tennis bracelet

The linear, symmetrical arrangement of diamonds in a diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect addition to upgrade your overall jewellery collection. In days when you want to keep it minimalistic and yet make a classic impression, wrap your wrist in the elegance of a diamond tennis bracelet, and pull off even a simple T-shirt and denim look with the style and grace of a diva. A perfect piece of jewellery that makes a brilliant style quotient, diamond tennis bracelet is the ideal accessory that makes a stunning fashion appeal.

Metallic hoop earrings

Of course, chandeliers and drops are beautiful contributions to your jewellery collection. But with the addition of large metallic hoops, your jewellery box rejuvenates itself with a fresh charm. Transform your traditional or Gothic look by tying up your hair in a simple bun and finishing it by adorning your ears with large metallic hoop earrings. Rock the college fest evening or a friend’s birthday bash by letting your ears making a fashion statement and getting the attention.

Accessories are something without which any look we take up seems dull; if clothes are the body, accessories are its soul. Without the appropriate accessories, even the brightest of your outfit lacks that charm and sparkle. So stack up your jewellery box with the six essential pieces mentioned above and get modish. It’s time to make the best of your feminity, and show off your graceful attitude like a pro fashionista. It’s time to get playful and elegant.

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