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If you want to buy amazing lipstick colors and other beauty products, then Yves Saint Laurent is the perfect destination. The online websites are raising the bar for affordable beauty products. Women love beauty products as it looks good and

Although swords and spears are slowly losing their relevance, tomahawks remain useful and paramount in self-defense, combat and bush craft. They keep growing in popularity due to their ability and accuracy in hitting things. Are you still in doubts? Try

Summer, being the hottest season of the calendar year, can be hectic and drastic, with the scorching heat and the rise in temperatures. Sweating and the burning sun over our heads destroys the very essence of getting some outside air

And you thought you have all the information related to pepper sprays? Think again! Whether you have used a pepper spray bottle during your self-defense training or you have used it against a stalker, we are sure there is not