Can You Refuse The Offer Of Being A Bridesmaid?

Taking on a role as a bridesmaid is a huge commitment, so if you are not able to do it, you should probably decline. Everything from the pre-wedding parties to the dresses is your responsibility, and you need to make sure that everything is top-quality. If you want a high-quality dress, you should shop at a good bridesmaid store, such as Gold Coast bridesmaid dresses in AU.

You can decline

Just because the bride is your best friend or a family member, that does not mean that you have to accept the offer. There are many ways you can refuse the offer without being rude or causing an argument.

Think about it

The best way to tell them ‘no’ and to even see if you could take on a role of a bridesmaid is to simply tell them ‘I’ll think about it’. This way, your bride will let you have some time alone where you can see if you have the time and money for the wedding.

Think about it before accepting the offer

There are many pre-wedding occasions that are supposed to be organized and paid for by the bridesmaid, or the Maid of Honor. So, if you feel like you will not be able to provide everything that your bride will need, it is better to decline the offer.

Do it fast

Just because you told your friend that you will ‘think about it’, does not mean that you have all of the time in the world. Take a day or two to think about it and see if you could actually take on a role of a bridesmaid. As soon as you find your answer, be sure to tell your bride.

How much does it cost?

Before you actually refuse the offer and state that it is because of your financial status, make sure that you know how much will it actually cost. Sometimes you can even find a compromise with the bride and the groom, where they could chip in and help you out.

Besides the pre-wedding parties, like the bridal shower and hen’s party, the bridesmaid is also supposed to pay for her own dress. This can be a very tricky subject, especially if your bride is asking you to pay for a dress you will never wear again.

Be kind

This can be quite obvious, but it is better to kindly decline than to be known as abridesmaid-zilla. Even if you do not consider the bride to be as your best friend, it is better to politely refuse to the offer and state your reasons, than to cause an argument or an awkward situation.

Don’t lose a friend over something insignificant

The best thing for your friendship

The fact is that nobody wants a bridesmaid with a bad attitude, so if you will not be able to fully commit to the role of a bridesmaid, you should refuse. This is a very special day for your friend, the bride, and you should try not to ruin it, as that may also ruin the friendship you guys have.

Final word

Even if you refuse the offer to be a bridesmaid, you can still ask them to fulfill other commitments. One of those can be to choose or pick the dresses of the entourage and the bride’s parents as well. For this, you need to make sure that you are shopping from a good store; for example there are many mother of the bride dresses Australia that will surely make the mother-of-the-bride happy on her daughter’s wedding.

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