Crowdfunding to help people survive congenital heart disease

A congenital heart disease is a defect in the heart that is developed before the birth. They are one of the most common reasons that lead to the death of children and young adults. More than forty nine million people around the world suffer from this condition. Various reasons may lead to this condition. Consumption of, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and certain medications or conditions like rubella during pregnancy may lead to congenital heart defects in the baby. But these are not the only reasons, sometimes it can be genetic. Either way, these conditions are nearly fatal and require immediate surgery which is expensive. Crowdfunding India says that nothing can be more expensive than your loved one’s life, so instead of cowering under the financial burden of the prognosis of congenital heart diseases, you can always opt for crowdfunding the treatment.

Surgical intervention and extensive treatment is mandatory for the patient to sustain. Medical insurances cannot even come into play in these situations, since a newborn baby cannot be insured. But in certain cases, the defect remains undiagnosed for years till it comes forth in a precarious condition in the adult. In both cases, surgeries include extreme risks and is mandatory for the patient to survive. Neo-natal surgeries, pre-surgical procedures, post-surgical management,  all are expensive procedures and everybody is not privileged enough to match them with ease. To make sure that they can access the basic human right of survival, Crowdfunding India says that it is our duty to provide them assistance. Crowdfunding their treatments, especially children will not only save their lives but will save the family from the heaviest blow the life can bring. Losing a child to death is the worst that could happen to anyone. It is our duty to save these little innocent lives by contributing whatever we can to fund their treatment.

People, more particularly children who suffer from CHD-ASD, also suffer from VSD, severe pulmonic stenosis, LPA stenosis and mild tricuspid regurgitation. Extremely long periods of disease management and medication, check-ups and laboratory and diagnostic exams are needed every now and then along with the surgeries. The surgeries required have to be done immediately because any delay is proven to be fatal. The follow-up treatment goes on throughout the lifetime of the survivor. Medication is required every month after the surgery and no insurance covers the costs of congenital diseases and drugs. Crowdfunding India suggests that if your loved one is suffering from this condition, start an online campaign today.

Crowdfunding India says that asking for financial assistance in this case is not asking for a favor, it is our duty to save a fellow human being’s life. Crowdfunding India advises that you put a compelling account of your hardship against the disease, and provide substantial documents to prove the legitimacy of your case. Then start sharing your campaign on social media and urge others to do so, so that the campaign receives the maximum possible exposure.

Crowdfunding India says that an online crowdfunding campaign is extremely easy to manage and an effective alternative to medical insurance. All the transactions are made online so the patient’s family don’t have to waste any time in their search for funds. Donations can save the families from giving up their entire life savings or stooping under the brunt of a huge loan.

If you represent an NGO which aims to fund the treatment of underprivileged people who suffer from congenital heart disease or if you want to spread awareness about CHD among the people, lack of funding may hold you back. Crowdfunding India suggests that organisations in these cases, can start an online campaign to fund events where they can educate pregnant mothers about this condition, how to diagnose and treat this disease. Crowdfunding India says that to ensure a healthy life for the future of humanity, the children, we must contribute to eradicate the possibility of death by congenital heart diseases.

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