How Do You Choose the Best Tomahawk for Camping?

Although swords and spears are slowly losing their relevance, tomahawks remain useful and paramount in self-defense, combat and bush craft. They keep growing in popularity due to their ability and accuracy in hitting things. Are you still in doubts? Try handing an axes to a kid and watch him/her destroy whatever you give him/her.

Self-defense is not all about protecting yourself from other beings. Take a camping scenario where you will be spending nights in the woods. You will need protection from wild animals and other creatures that you might come along. But which is the best tomahawk to include in your camping packing list? Here is a comprehensive list of some traits to consider before getting one.

Consider the material of its handle

You want something that you can effortlessly lift whenever you need it for defense but also, you want it to be high-quality. Go for a tomahawk that you can confidently trust for the job. This means that the handle should be made of sturdy material and one that can withstand any pressure you are going to put it through. Ensure that it is something you can keep for as long as you can keep the tomahawk. If you go for a wooden handle, make sure it is sturdy and not susceptible to rot. If it is nylon, ensure that it is easy to hold.

Consider its weight

The weight of the tomahawk is going to be critical as well. You want to ensure that the whole equipment is light enough to be thrown or moved easily. You, however, do not want it to be too light as it could be hard to control. Go for one which is neither too heavy nor too light. Ensure that the device has a right balance between the handle and the blade as this helps you to keep it steady when trying to throw it to the enemy.

Consider its size

You are going camping, and the last thing you want is something that will take up all of your space because after all, you have other things to include in your camping bag. Choose a tomahawk that you can easily store when not in use and carry whenever you need it, be it for hunting or camping. Do not choose too small as it may not be of much use and do not select too large as it could be difficult to carry when you need it.

Check connection

Do not forget to check the connection between the handle and the blade. This is of great essence whenever you want to use the defense equipment because the worst thing that could happen is the blade coming off whenever you swing the tomahawk. The case can be dangerous as you may end up hurting unintended individuals or other creatures and that is not all; you will lose your tool as well. The tomahawk blade should be deeply connected to its handle and ensure that the two do not feel loose.

The blade material is also of extreme importance. Most of the blades are made of steel, but you need to make sure of that before buying one. You do not want something that can break or go flimsy easily. Go for high-quality material or even the traditional ones made of stones are the better option.

The equipment’s grip

The best tomahawk should have an ergonomic design; that is, something that you can keep from slipping off your hand. There are lots of materials out there, and therefore the grips will be different. Some have a patented shock reduction rugged grip while other have a composite scale, all meant to enhance the grip. Be careful with what you choose.

Does it have additional features?

A tomahawk with additional features is more beneficial than the plain one. Some of the devices are flat on the end while some look like the regular axe. Others, on the other hand, have a pointed end which you can use as a combat tool. More additional features include fire starter and nail puller. All these features are great for flexibility, and you, therefore, should include them in your list of things to consider.

It is good to be informed before you start your search for the right tomahawk for camping and with these points; the process gets easier and increases the likelihood of getting the best. You can also go through a comparison table of tomahawks to get an insight of the many tomahawks you will get in the market, their features, pros and cons to help you select the one that suits your needs.

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