Mommy and Me Modern Coat Style Trends

Fashion is an art form. It is another wonderful means of expression, allowing wearers to show their individuality to the world. Although many men have a taste for suave and sophisticated styles, women are known to be the major players when it comes to what works on and off the runways. Fashionistas around the globe get a thrill out of strutting their stuff in the latest trends and eye popping outfit combinations. It only makes sense that this passion for apparel would flow into their motherhood. And there is just something so adorable about a fashionably dressed mom with an equally clothed daughter or son. Here are some modern coat styles that are proving to be all the rage in the closets of female fashion enthusiasts and their children.

Go Couture
Personalizing items is a trend that keeps holding its own. Be it monograms on a thermos or personality specific charms on a bracelet, customers are eating up this fad that displays their uniqueness. One way to ensure a matching, eye catching appearance is to go couture with coats. Doing so is a great idea when it comes to family photographs or events that are taking place outdoors. Wearers can look good, stay warm, and feel confident in their outfit’s originality.

Velvet Trim
Women with a taste for vogue flare should consider dress coats with velvet trim. As far as matching is concerned, this particular trend really only works with women and girls dress coats. It’s a traditional, sophisticated style that looks best when the trim offsets the main color of the coat. Dark trim looks best on lighter or more vibrant colors and vice versa. Having trims that match, like white on white or black on black, is not a total fashion faux pas, but the added outlining just seems to be more aesthetically pleasing.

The Peacoat
Another style that keeps staying on top of fashion guru’s must list is the peacoat. This trendy coat is probably the easiest outerwear for mothers to match with their budding boy or girl. It’s a versatile choice that can be worn for everyday occasions or more upscale events. Not to mention it’s offered in a variety of colors to suit the preferences of both young and young at heart.

Oversize It
Wearing oversized clothes, especially sweaters, cardigans, and coats, is a hot pick for fashionistas. If paired with the right pants or accessories, this choice can really make a statement. However, trying to match this trend with a young child may prove difficult, but tweens and older children can pull off the oversized look with ease. Remember, the goal is to have a controlled messy look, not an untamed, sloppy appearance.

Sans Buttons
An emerging trend for the year is the button-less coat. If staying super warm isn’t really a concern, this is a great pick. It allows mother and child to show off their graphic tees, dresses, or suits. These coats range from relatively simple to more intricate designs. Though, the best way to pair this coat with other pieces is to use the rule of opposites. If the coat is complex, wear something simple underneath. If the coat is simple, wear something that stands out underneath.

These coat trends have found their home in many wardrobes across the world. Mothers can coordinate with their children in modern flare. Whether old or young, parent or adolescent, showing off one’s unique taste is a fad that won’t go out of style.

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