NOWA smart watch, the way you are

  • The perfect companion for you to make you smarter is here. And ideal for frequent travellers like you
  • This NOWA shaper smart watch with indigo signature colour is wafer thin- just 9.75mm Thick. Possibly this is the thinnest smart watch ever made.
  • NOWA Shaper Hybrid Smartwatch got all the functions you wanted in your day today activities and much more. Elegant and smart watches designed in Paris.  It can auto time zones update, activity/sleep tracking, camera control, call alerts. And it comes with an elegant interchangeable Italian strap.
  • The glass sapphire coating makes the precious time piece virtually scratch proof. And the unbeatable Swiss Ronda movement assures the best accuracy. The unisex design watch is the right one for your outgoing life style.
  • Another interesting feature is the longest battery duration- you need not worry to recharge often. The charge lasts for a whopping eight months. All these functions packed NOWA Shaper smart watch is priced at sub $150.
  • Come August 2017; you will have this classic time piece will on your wrists in whichever time zone you are in.  The watch is less than 40 mm in diameter and water-resistant to 30 Metres. The unique minimalistic Shaper watch has international attributes- design from Eric Gizard, Paris., straps from Italy and movement from Switzerland.
  • You can Pre-order Now on Indiegogo:
  • Watchmaking standards are redefined with NOWA Shaper Hybrid Smartwatch. And it connects to your smartphone for automatic time zones. And it keeps you fit and smarts as it is compatible with Apple Health or Google Fit. This classic analogue (and not digital) design watch is of steel casing.
  • You can backpack, get, set and go with this exquisite smart watch on your wrist and b a head turner for sure.

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