Ray Ban glasses: The all new way of reflecting your social status

Till now, glasses were used to protect the eyes from the harmful radiations of the sun, but now with coming up of a number of brands more and more people are opting it as a fashion accessory. Today, almost every youngster wants to own at least a single pair of Ray Ban glasses because of their luxurious brand name. Such branded glasses reflect your social status and help in defining your looks and texture. This brand is something that will never disappoint you but will offer you a pleasing and luxurious look.

Different categories of sunglasses

They deal in almost all styles no matter whether it is modern, classic or vintage. In fact, you can also have your own customized design according to your requirement. Customization truly represents your uniqueness, styling skills and thinking. Following is the list of some of the popular designs that you can opt for according to your face size:

  • Cat eye
  • Round
  • Sports
  • Brow line
  • Aviator
  • Retro square
  • Wrap
  • Wayfarer
  • Butterfly

Different types of lenses used in frames

Photo chromic lenses: They are also known as traditional lenses and they automatically get darken when they come in sunlight. On the other side they give a clear look when they remain inside. They provide full ultraviolent radiation and are very convenient and comfortable in wearing. These types of lenses are made with a number of materials because of which they are quite expensive.

Polarized lenses: They are transmission oriented and they block the reflecting light. They are highly beneficial in case your eyes are sensitive. They are best for using internally due to which it is highly suggested to such people who have gone through cataract surgery. They help in reducing the visibility of the images which are produced by liquid crystal displays.

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