Shopping for makeup is easy and fun

Everyone wants to look their best and makeup can achieve that. It not only makes you look attractive but also makes you look confident. Urban decay is a one-stop solution for the females out there for all kind of makeup related issue and it is arguably the best makeup online store in Malaysia.

How is urban decay different from others?

Urban Decay has a well-organized category for all makeup items, so it becomes easy for the users to search for what they are looking for; along with it our products are genuine and certified. We also sell chemical free products so that there is no scope for skin related infections or allergies.

The all-new featured category of products also gives you a list of our best sellers, limited edition and some of our latest products which is very much exciting for a makeup geek. Along with it we also keep our customers informed about any sales or discounts as every girl loves to shop when there is a discount available for makeup products.

In this greedy world where everyone wants to take away your money we always want to help you save some money by giving you a 10% discount on your first order by using the code “WELCOME”. We also don’t charge any delivery charges on orders above RM200 in an effort to make shopping fun for you.

Become A Member For Extra Rewards

You can get registered on our website by simply signing up with your credentials like mail id and creating a password, by doing so you give yourself a chance to earn points every time you shop with us and can redeem these points whenever you want and avail discounts on your orders. Urban decay though comparatively new, undoubtedly has some of the great features that all the top online stores can boast of.

Buying quality makes up is easier than ever. You have a wide range of products available to you that you will be hard-pressed to find at any brick and mortar store. You also have no reason to travel and there will be no time constraint. You can browse the catalog for hours and order at your own convenience. There are multiple payment options available so you can pay for what you buy conveniently. Do remember to go through the return and refund policy before you buy something.


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