The Types Of Prom Dresses You Can Wear?

Are you trying to find the perfect wedding dress and you can not find it? Maybe the problem is that you are trying dresses of many types and styles without taking into account your figure. It would be best if you focus on those who can fit you best according to your body type. It is proven that certain cuts and silhouettes favor more brides than others. Although you have to follow your style and personality, you must choose the one that best suits you. The perfect dress should be comfortable and have to highlight the strengths of the bride to make a princess feel the most important day of her life. Some cuts and types of dress can be perfect or not according to the silhouette of the bride.

Princess Cut Dress

For the more classic brides, usually the favorite dress is the princess cut dress. It is a dress that is too tight near the waist with a wide skirt. If your silhouette is triangular i.e. you have a nice bust and narrow hips. If you combine it with a skirt with flight and a closed neckline, you will surely attract the crowd. A dress that can be completed with a tail, transparencies in the neckline, a veil or an elegant long sleeve. You can tighten your waist and hide all your brides. But this should be kept in mind that this cut doesn’t fits well for women who are short.

Silhouette Dress

Although often confused with princess cut by the width of the skirt, this dress forms a triangular line from the waist. A very flattering dress type that tends to fit all brides whether tall, short, slim or curvy. For those who have a rectangular silhouette in which shoulders, waist, and hips are aligned, this type of dress is the most appropriate as it recreates the shapes and adds volume. If you have a triangular silhouette of the small bust and wide hips, can also be the ideal dress. You should try to conceal the hips with the skirt and strengthen the top of the dress. It is also the most suitable for women with an apple or oval silhouette who need a dress that is not tight and can show a heart line.

Mermaid Cut Dress

Another of the most favorable dresses for brides is the so-called siren cut. If your waist is small and you have a bust and provided hips, this is undoubtedly your ideal cut. A bold and seductive dress that remarks the feminine curves and the hourglass silhouette. Keep in mind that it is comfortable when you sit down but a little annoying to dance.

Column Dress

If you want a simple and modern dress, the best is this design dominated by the straight lines from the shoulders to the feet. A flattering type of two piece dresses bodycon that can be tight or empire cut and visually lengthens the figure of the bride. Very suitable for women of rectangular silhouette, with waist and rectilinear hips, but it is not indicated for women with curves.

Short Dress

If you are looking for something more casual, you must chose a short dress.

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