Top 10 ideas to decorate your real Christmas tree

During the Christmas season, it is amazing to see homes with the real Christmas trees decorated out in lights, garlands, and ornaments. Decorating Christmas tree is an old tradition of many families. Previously, the decorations were usually homemade ornaments and brightly colored popcorn garlands, but today’s decorations consist of everything from stylish ornaments to lots of twinkling lights.  The people are starting to decorate their Christmas tree after buying the real Christmas tree in hilltop internet store with the Christmas tree delivery.

Decoration process

  • The bright gold is a very classic traditional color for your Christmas tree decoration it gives grand looks for your decoration.
  • Since the tree is so complex, you don’t need to use a lot of ornaments and to give an alleviate look to this tree. Use green and gold metallic ribbon to your Christmas tree.
  • Once the newest color decoration is copper and teal. You can also use different type of greenery as well as bay leaves, glitter sprays and deep copper leaves, to create a good contrast with the tree.
  • Another stylish ingredient is feathers, which can be as a topper to add height to the tree.
  • You can use the electric lights and color papers for decorating your real Christmas tree. It will give you grand and rich look to your home.
  • Candy canes are a basic holiday treat. Choose a white tree to create a strong background for the candy cane ornaments. The red berry tree topper adds to the bold red ornaments.
  • This tree is undecorated by the kids.
  • The ornaments of this tree are gifts in ribbon, one of them to be opened each day.
  • Nothing else can be better than a red tree. Decorate this tree with all kinds of red and white ornaments.
  • The bright red color surely makes the tree look more elegant.

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