Summer, being the hottest season of the calendar year, can be hectic and drastic, with the scorching heat and the rise in temperatures. Sweating and the burning sun over our heads destroys the very essence of getting some outside air into our lungs.

When it’s about men, they are said to sweat like bison and to have said that, choosing the right outfit from the wardrobe or shopping the right items to bear the ‘unbearable’ heat can be quite a challenge.

So halt right there Gentlemen! Stop for the ‘right one’ on your racks. We have here a guide to the top five mens wear for summer to overcome the heat!

When it’s hot and sticky, and there’s stubborn sweat clinging to your body, cotton clothes are the best option. They help in absorbing the sweat and keeps your skin moisture-free and clean.

Tank top and shorts

An outfit consisting of a tank top, three-quarter pants or shorts and a pair of sandals would give you the perfect summer look when it comes to casuals. Colorful wristbands on either of the preferred wrist, a cap is worn backward and a chain dangling loosely on the neck would add to the punk and pop look. Tank tops come in many colors too, a white one having fabric prints would go well with brown three-quarter pants whereas an orange one will go well with military print three-quarter pants.


Business casuals?

Pick out soft and calming colors for a half or full sleeved shirt and chinos.

Colour combinations of a pink shirt with brown chinos and white shirt with tan chinos, red and black chequered shirt with yellow ochre chinos would look great. White, black and blue sneakers would go with any of them teamed up with a watch on the wrist finishes the look! Beige Chinos with red or navy blue, soft cotton or linen shirts looks excellent too.

 Summer socks along with the shoe also add the formal vibes. Ties are welcome too, and deep blue and silver would go with most of the light colored shirts complimenting the chinos.


Beach pants and tank tops teamed up with beach sandals, and sunglasses help you get the tan you waited for all this time!  Tank tops with prints of seaside or coconut trees with mix well with the atmosphere. Lettered and funky ones are welcome too. Last but not the least- beach time is not only about what you wear but also about what you should not wear so make sure you go for the classic look of beach pants and a bare chest too, after all, summer is not all about the bad heat!

Sunglasses are must when it comes to a successful beach attire so don’t forget to browse through the stores to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!

T-shirt with Denim

Going on a date?

Express your love through how you dress! Printed T-shirts and denim do the magic!

Elbow length cotton shirts and denim grouped with a pair of Aviators gives out the perfect vibes. Do remember love is not all about romance and hanky-panky, being paired up with the right person we also learn how to laugh our heart out. So to make sure you do not forget about grabbing a bunch of tees with catchy and funny phrases. It adds to the mood and makes the experience more enjoyable. Casual tees also work great in this case.

Blazer with formal pants

Meeting with your Boss and you don’t slip into stuffy blazers to look presentable and smart?

Trousers and formal soft cotton shirts teamed up with a wristwatch keeps up the smart look for business wear. Trousers of brown, beige, grey, black and dark olive green make the smartness embed into your apparel. Lightweight business boots would go a long way with summer socks included.

Last but not the least, a spray of deodorant (Axe, Playboy, etc.) would do better as smelling good is a part of what you dress. With these fashion tips on your fingers go check out the racks at shopping malls and fashion apps and beat the heat with your various captivating looks.

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