Try Embroidered Patches ForClothes To Make Them Look Like New

Making Embroideries for clothes is not a recent procedure, but they were made even before till now for various clothing like Military Garments, Caps, Cloth Badges, School Uniforms, etc.

The process of making embroideries, though are the same:

  • Make your rough design on a paper.
  • Choose the colours of the rough drawing and accordingly, the colour of the strings that you are going to need for your embroidery to be completed.
  • Collect all the required strings that you are going to need.
  • Choose your fabric wisely because that is going to be your base and cut it in the outline of your rough design, which you might also want to make on your fabric.
  • Heat-seal the edges to avoid fraying.
  • Start your work on the background which also to embroidered.
  • Work to add details to your design with suitable string suiting the colours of your design.

Types of Embroideries based on Manufacturer:

  1. Home-made Embroideries
  • Home-made embroideries are what used to be present before the Industrial Revolution.
  • Before the Industrial Revolution, there were no machines due to which all the embroideries had to be done by hand.
  • This process remains the same as mentioned earlier but was a lot of time taking.
  1. Machine-made Embroideries
  • With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, all the industry, as well as the embroideries, saw the integration of machines to do mans’ job.
  • With the machines, the procedure of embroidering patches though are the same but the time and labour cost were much lesser as compared to Home-made embroidered patches.

Though many workers claim that the lustre and the longevity of the Home-made Embroidered Patches are much more than that of the machine-made one though this topic is a controversial one, and changes with the aspect of different customers.

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