Where Is The Best Place To Find A Fine Watch For Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, you will want to find a perfect gift for your father. One of the best ones includes a fine watch, one that is made by a reputable company. There are many that are extremely elegant, as well as comprehensive, capable of doing many different things. It just depends on the type of person that your father is. They might prefer something more practical, or perhaps they would like to have as many gadgets on the watch as possible. This is how you can find an excellent company to purchase a fine watch for your father on Father’s Day.

Different Types Of Watches That Are Popular

The watches that are available today are so much more advanced than those that were in stores just a decade ago. Modern technology has made it possible to incorporate a wide variety of instrumentation, even enhancing the very popular dive watches. There are many different types including wooden watches, tactical military wristwatches, and those that are designed to simply tell time. Many of these are priced at under $100, yet there are those that are well over $1000 and more. It just depends on what you are looking for, and what you believe that they will actually want to wear when you present them with this Father’s Day gift.

High-Tech Watches That Are Available

If you want to provide them with one of the most unique watch is made today, yet keep the price under $100, the Casio G Shock digital and analog watch is one that they will absolutely love. It is designed with a black resin case. It offers a month, day and date display, presented under a scratch resistant material made of crystal. You are able to go to a depth of over 600 feet using this water and magnetic resistant watch that he will appreciate. If you would prefer something that is much more expensive, not to mention more versatile, the Citizen Eco Drive chronograph watch is one of the best. Priced at under $300, it is equipped with atomic timekeeping, with multiple displays, and will definitely impress anyone that opens this up for the first time.

Stainless Steel Father’s Day Watches

Another particular type of watch that men would enjoy are those that are made of stainless steel. The Diesel Mega Chief is plated with black ion and can be taken down to a depth of over 300 feet. It has three chronograph sub dials, quartz movement, and also comes with skeleton hands. However, if they want something that is practical, yet still made of stainless steel, the Tissot Heritage Visodate is the one they will want. Priced at under $400, it comes with a stainless-steel silver tone diesel, as well as silver tone hands on the dial. It has a 42 hour power reserve, and the transparent cover is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal, making this one of the more durable watches on the market today.

Expensive Father’s Day Watches

If money is not a problem, and you want your father to have the absolute best, you should consider the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Priced at right around $3400, it is built with a stainless steel case, has luminescent markers and hands, and offers a 48 our power reserve. It utilizes scratch resistant hesalite crystal and is water resistant down to 165 feet. It has many different functions including a tachymeter, chronograph, and many other advanced functions that will be perfect as a Father’s Day gift. Finally, there is the IWC Pilot Automatic Chronograph watch. It is priced at just under $4200. Though very basic in design, with three separate smaller dials, it has a 44 hour power reserve. It is designed with a stainless steel bezel and uses scratch resistant sapphire crystal for the faceplate. This is a luxury watch, one of the best on the market, and will be appreciated on this special day.

Popular Watches Your Father Will Love

These remaining watches are the result of research that has been done based upon online searches. These are the watches that have intrigued people enough to search for more information about them on the web. Based upon their popularity, they have been ranked in regard to how many people are thinking about purchasing them on a day like Father’s Day. There are three that stand out amidst all of them that are quite exceptional in every way. The first one is called the TAG Heuer Monaco. It is considered by many to be the most famous, and versatile, quadratic timepiece. It utilizes a square shape for the watch, and also the dials that you can see. It was the very first to use a microrotor and is priced at just under $4000. The second watch is the Rolex Milgauss. This is an anti-magnetic watch, lightning shaped, and available in several different colors. It is a Rolex, and therefore you are paying not just for the versatility, but also the name. It is priced at just over $8000. Finally, if you are looking for something that is a little less expensive, but extremely famous, is the Omega Speedmaster. It is the first watch to traverse the moon, therefore forever designating it as the moonwatch. This is priced at just under $3300, and it will certainly be well received because of its notoriety and beauty.

These are just a few of the many watches that you may want to consider getting your father on Father’s Day from Elizabeth Diamond Company Jewelry Store. Some of them are going to be very affordable, yet others will be in a much higher price range. Whether you are getting them this gift without any thought of the cost, or if you are on a budget, you have many to choose from. Father’s Day should always be commemorated, and this is one of the nicest ways that you can show your love for him on this day dedicated to fathers. Always remember that it’s not the price of the gift, but the thought that counts.

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